Running cmd.exe

Command Prompt’s actual program file is named “cmd.exe”. There are several ways to run cmd.exe, and you should do at least one of them now:

  1. Press Start. If you have a search box, type “cmd.exe” and press enter.
  2. Press Start. If you have a Run option, press Run. Then in the run dialog box, type “cmd.exe” and press enter.
  3. Press Start. If you can browse “All Programs” or “Programs”, then you may be able to find a link to Command Prompt in a folder called “Windows System”.
  4. Open Task Manager by right clicking the clock in the lower right corner, or pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. Then click File -> Run new task. This opens a similar Run dialog box as in #2 above. Type “cmd.exe” and press enter.
  5. Open up a file explorer window via “This PC”/”My Computer”/”Documents”/etc, and browse to C:\Windows\System32 and click on cmd.exe. This is probably the most tedious method.

When you open Command Prompt, it will look similar to my screenshot below.

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