PropReports Assistant


Creates links for visiting PropReports pages, one month at a time.

This tool makes viewing monthly reports easier by building the links for each month instead of having to manually chose the start and end dates for each month on the website.


  1. Sign into PropReports and copy-paste the URL into the program. This tells the program what the links should look like.
  2. Fill in the date range of when you would like monthly reports, as well as your report type settings.
  3. Press the Generate Links button to see a list of links for monthly reports. Click on the links.


No installation required. PropReports Assistant is a stand-alone executable. You may have to update your .NET runtime assemblies. If so, run Windows Updates, or let me know.


Program written in C# with .NET and WPF.


If PropReports modifies their website, the generated links may not work anymore. If so, let me know and I’ll release a fixed version.



Release Date: 2017-05-01
Initial release.

Download Program: PropReportsAssistant.exe
Source Code:

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