Memory Warden

Monitors your system memory usage (% RAM). When usage gets too high, this program can alert you and optionally close programs to prevent computer lockup, even when your mouse cursor is not responding.

Disk Rover

Scans a storage drive and builds an interactive map of files by file size.

Spot Bottle

Command line resource monitor for spotting bottlenecks. Displays disk, network, CPU, RAM, and process bottleneck information.

Snake Game

Snake made with HTML5 and JavaScript.

PropReports Assistant

Creates links for visiting PropReports pages, one month at a time.

Startup Automation Library

A library of Python 3 functions used for common automation and window repositioning tasks.

Example startup script using

import StartupAutomation as sa
import time

# start the desired program
process_handle = sa.run_program("C:\\SomeProgram.exe")

# get the window handles for the program
window_list = sa.get_process_window_handles(process_handle)

# reposition the window where I want it, at (1590, 0)
# (I know the program only has only one window, and one window handle)
sa.set_window_coords(window_list[0], 1590, 0)