Memory Warden

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Memory Warden monitors your system memory usage (% RAM). When usage gets too high, this program can alert you and optionally close programs to prevent computer lockup, even when your mouse cursor is not responding.

This program was written for people without the time or technical expertise to investigate why their computer is slowing down (such as busy stock traders). To accommodate all levels of urgency and autonomy, there are four different actions that may be set at any percent level:


(1) quiet background warning
A passive warning that will not interrupt whatever you are doing.

(2) alert with pop-up warning
An aggressive warning that will pop-up over any windows you have open.

(3) end memory hogs from kill list
Will automatically close programs, but only those from a list that you build.

(4) end any memory hogging program
Will automatically close any program.

To prevent a program from being automatically closed, add it to your Safe List in Advanced Settings.

Suggested Use

Create warnings (using actions 1 & 2 above) for when your memory begins getting high (70% to 85%). This will give yourself a chance to gracefully close programs. The warnings will tell you who the memory hogs are.

When system memory usage reaches 95% or higher, have Memory Warden automatically end the memory hogs in case your computer begins locking up (using actions 3 & 4 above).

Using the Kill List

Some users will want Memory Warden to automatically close specific programs before others. You can do this with the preferred kill list in Advanced Settings. For example, add Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox to this list. Then use action “(3) end memory hogs from kill list”.


Memory Warden is installed for all users or the current user with an MSI file. Download the latest version below.

Old versions will be uninstalled by new versions automatically.

Prerequisites: Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5.2.

If Memory Warden fails to run because this is not installed, download and install the framework from Microsoft’s website here:

License and Source Code

Please read the EULA before installing: MemoryWardenLicense.rtf

Program written in C# with WPF and WiX for the installer. Up-to-date source code is currently not public. Feel free to message me with questions or comments at or

Latest Version

Memory Warden v1.3 download (624 KB): MemoryWarden-v1.3.0.msi

Released: 2017-10-12

Change Log:

  • New window to view current usage and processes — access by left clicking or right clicking the tray icon
  • Counts per-process full working set memory instead of private working set memory (improvement over Task Manager) — results in more accurate detection of memory hogs
  • UI: settings window now remains on top, so it is unlikely to unintentionally leave it open and miss warnings
  • Bug fix: all old logs were deleted, now logs are deleted only if older than 30 days
  • Bug fix: Windows shortcut alt+tab would bring up an inactive settings window
  • Bug fix: duplicate instances running on startup

Old Versions

Memory Warden v1.2.1 download (624 KB): MemoryWarden-v1.2.1.msi

Released: 2017-10-02

Change Log:

  • Smart all-user vs current-user automatic startup
  • Added versioning to user settings
  • Removed redundant error messages
  • Fully revamped installer
  • Support for easy upgrades in future
  • Bug fixes

Memory Warden v1.1 download (1.45 MB): MemoryWarden-v1.1.0.0-x86.msi

Released: 2017-09-27

Change Log:

  • Default install directory & registry path changes
  • Fix refreshing RAM when hovering over tray icon
  • Disable Cancel button if program wasn’t running
  • Upper right X button now minimizes to tray

Memory Warden v1.0 download (1.45 MB): MemoryWarden-v1.0.0.0-x86.msi

Released: 2017-09-24

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