Command Prompt Tutorial


This is a brief tutorial on Windows Command Prompt. I find myself recommending others to learn Command Prompt so often that I decided to write this primer on it. If you are just getting started programming, or becoming a proficient computer administrator, you will want to jump into Command Prompt right away. Most coding tutorials push that off and ignore Command Prompt, but eventually it will catch up with you. There is simply too much power in knowing Command Prompt for you to pass it up.

Is this the right tutorial?

If you are using Windows, this is the right tutorial for you to start with. Windows Command Prompt is a command line interface written for Microsoft Windows. A command line interface is a program that accepts text input commands, runs those commands, and gives text output.

You may have heard these other names before:

  • Console
  • Console user interface
  • Command interface
  • Command line
  • Command line interpreter
  • Command language interpreter
  • Command processor
  • Terminal
  • Shell
  • Bash
  • Batch
  • MS-DOS

All of the above names have different historical origins, but they all are serving the same or similar purpose. When you finish this tutorial on Windows Command Prompt, you will know the basics to adjust to Apple’s Terminal, Linux Bash, or any other common command line interface if needed. Different consoles may use different commands, but the syntax will remain mostly the same.